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Ultra Plush Pillow Mattress

This queen size foam bed imparts a cool gel memory foam finish and 14-inch density, it is time- and imparts a very soft feel to it. The two pillowcases are made of high-qualityylene fabric and are made to last, and for the ultimate in comfort, this bed also comes with a built-in unit.

Plush Pillow Mattress - Queen

The new queen size Pillow top Mattress is a top solution for shoppers with a large bed who desiderate to be close to their bed without taking up valuable space, the high-quality discussion plush fabric is uncomplicated to care for and needs very little this Ultra plush Pillow Mattress is a sterling size for a queen size bed. The 14-in, cool gel memory foam bed is durable and super soft. The 2 pillowcases are extra-large and make a top-of-the-heap addition to the bed, or you could simply put your favorite outfit on and sleep like a rock, are you searching for a luxurious bed so you can't find? Don't search more than the mezzo 16-inch ultra-plush Pillow top Mattress on sale. This bed is terrific for a soft and relaxing night's sleep, with a size that is 16 inches, it's splendid for small rooms or the large bed at a bed and breakfast. Don't miss out on this outstanding deal! Looking for a soft, cozy and best-in-class night's sleep? Then you need the best bed, this bed is fabricated with soft, "ultra" fabric and is top for a warm, relaxing sleep. Plus, the top Mattress pad offers all the comfort and security you need to make sure your bed always there for you.